German via Skype with the direkte Methode

Online lessons with a teacher

Direct method - direkte Methode.

We teach German with direct method - you will learn in similar way, like you've learned your mother language. Instead of learning grammar from boring boooks, you will learn through conversation with our teacher. You will be surprised, how fast and how much you'll learn in a short period.

Learning online, by Skype.

Our German course is conducted by skype. The teacher conducts the lesson only with you in real time. You can have a lesson even if you for example must go abroad. Just connect your notebook or tablet to internet, connect to our teacher and let the German lesson begin!

Fast method - direkte Methode.

With direct method you will master German much faster than with traditional methods. Every minute of the lesson is used for learning German. There is no time for silence and cogitation. The teacher is talking to you all the time, and you are still answering. You start with very basic words and short questions. At the beginning slowly, then faster. But don't be afraid - the teacher sets the pace of the lesson especially for your individual predispositions.

You will talk German from the first minutes of the lesson. Instead of learning from books, you will learn from live language.

"How can I talk, if I don't know a single word?"  Well, do you remember how you've learned to speak as a child? You have learned first words, than "what's this?". Than you started to ask your mother "what's this?". And then you started to talk more and more. Without books, without grammar exercises. And despite the fact, that you learned from live language instead of books - you talked grammatically correctly.

Learning German with direct method (direkte Methode in German)  works in this way. Try this method, and you'll never learn languages with traditional methods.  

Read more about direct method - direkte Methode.

German online by Skype

We offer German lessons with a live teacher in real time. The lesson by Skype is similar to the traditional lesson; 

  • you can talk to teacher all the time (you and the teacher have microphone with earphones),
  • you can read what the teacher write in the window,
  • you can write in the window, and the teacher can read it in the real time.

But online lesson has some advantages;

  • you can have the real lesson with real teacher not only at school, but you can learn German for example at home or during business trip or at hotel when you are on holiday,
  • you don't need to commute to school (save your time),
  • our teacher will fit to your busy schedule, because we offer one-to-one lesson only

Real language school online

We are in business since 1994. We have a large portfolio of teachers, so when one of our teachers can't teach, you can still continue your German course in this same pace with this same method. Read more about us.

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